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About us

Sentina Pest Control

Our History

Sentina Pte Ltd was established in 2007 with the concept of providing pest control services to consumers at reasonable costs ,utilizing new and innovative products. We have since blossomed into a company specializing in Pest control for Government Organizations ,Commercial and Residential establishments.

With more than 20 years of experience our we are in a position to provide solutions to all of your pest control needs.

Our Activities

  •    Anti Termite treatment: For Pre and Post Construction Stages.
  •    Roof/ Wooden Beam Treatment.
  •    Coring for Marble/Parquet flooring for Anti Termite Treatment.
  •    General Pest Control For Construction Sites, Condominiums, Factories Country Clubs ,Private Housing, Nursing Homes, Food Courts, Restaurants, Hospitals.
  •    Maritime Vessels/Offshore Locations.
  •    Specialised Wood Treatment against Termites/Beetles, For furnishing and other wood Based Products.
  •    Supply of Insect Light Traps, Monitors, Cages and Traps for Outdoor Pests.
  •    Consultancy Services.

Sentina Pest Control provides unbeatable service to our customers every step of the way. From first day, you will be greeted by the smiles of our friendly and capable staff who will work with you to eliminate any pest problems you may be dealing with. We take our responsibility seriously, and will work our hardest to keep your home and business pest free.



“To be the customer’s first choice for Pest Control, with highly motivated and trained staff, at all times willing to deliver exceptional professional (safe, quality, punctual, friendly) service”



“We want to be the leader in the Pest Control Industry for the Singapore, by providing quality services and products through team member excellence”



We offer free online and call estimate because we care about you and your family.

Our Philosophy

   Recognizes there is no “ure-all” in pest control.
   Dependence on any one pest management method will have undesirable effects.
   Determine and correct the cause of the pest problem.
   Understanding Pest biology and ecology is essential.
   Manipulate the environment to the crop’s advantage and to the detriment of the pest.
   Recognizes that eradication of a pest is seldom necessary or even desirable, and generally not possible.
   Some damage is unavoidable and acceptable

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Sentina Pest Control is based in Singapore, with over 400 clients nationwide.

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