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Factories and Warehouse Pest Control

Warehouse pest control is an integral part of routine maintenance procedure and is a requirement to pass business audits for licensing and accreditation.attention to the sani
commerialPESTtation of the warehouse is due to the fact that business products, usually food, are stored here after manufacturing and prior to distribution. Not to mention that final goods stored in these warehouses are very vulnerable to irreversible damage, most notably infestation and contamination.

Several pests may be found in warehouses but the common targets of warehouse pest control services can be grouped into three: insects, rodents, and birds.

Insect pests are a whole range and may include weevils, several kinds of beetles, and moths. Their exact location, however, maybe quite difficult to pinpoint as their harbourages tend to be hard to find.

Rodents, especially rats, are also a major concern in different warehouses—be it food, clothes, paper, or furniture. This is because rats have the high tendency to gnaw through everything they can rest their teeth on and in food warehouses, they could spell contamination and tons of health concerns.

Lastly are birds which may make their nests or homes in warehouses and their droppings cause huge sanitation problems.

Risks of not having a pest control procedure:

The risks posed by pests to your business include:

icon  The spread of disease
icon  Damage to property
icon  Contamination of your product and work surfaces

WAREHOUSEThe risks listed above can have serious implications for your business. As such you need to create and maintain a pest control plan that mitigate these risks. As mentioned earlier, pest control used to revolve around a reactionary approach. This newer approach is more proactive and therefore, more effective in protecting your warehouse. This integrative method involves chemical and physical control methods, inspections and monitoring, habitat management, good building design and maintenance .

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