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Basic Information on Pest Control in School

By using integrated pest management instead of solely relying on extensive pesticide applications, schools can reduce pest populations and reduce the use of pesticides, making schools safer for children and school personnel.

IPM reduces the use of pesticides by first monitoring pest populations to determine where, when, and what kind of controls should be applied. Schools can reduce pest infestations by identifying and removing conditions that will attract pests.

Preventive measures are easy to implement and often improve the overall maintenance of the school. These measures can include:
icon  Restricting where food is eaten.
icon  Moving dumpsters and food disposal containers away from the school.
icon  Repairing and maintaining leaking pipes.
icon  Pressure cleaning food service areas.
icon  Sealing cracks and crevices.
icon  Instituting sanitation measures.
icon  Cleaning gutters and directing water flow away from buildings to prevent saturation.
icon  Educating students and staff about how their actions affect pest management and control.
In addition to adopting preventive measures, the IPM approach includes evaluating a school’s pest management practices and choosing lower-risk methods of pest removal and prevention. When developing an IPM program, schools should consider methods that:
icon  Minimize health risks to humans and the environment.
icon  Minimize disruption of the natural, outdoor environment.
icon  Are least toxic to species that are not pests.
icon  Prevent a recurrence of the pest infestation.
icon  Are safe and easy to apply effectively.
icon  Are cost-effective.



icon Weekly
icon Check for mosquito breeding in the following places :
icon  Discarded receptacles in open areas, under bushes and in school    fschool-commercial-services-300x191ields

icon  Open and closed drains
icon  Gully traps
icon  Ground puddles
icon  Tree holes and bifurcations between branches, and leaf axil of banana trees, Travellers Palms and other palms
icon  Refuse bins and bin covers
icon  Scupper drains in common corridors

booksicon  Bin centre (pay attention to perimeter drains, gully traps, discarded receptacles, stored bulk bins inside and around bin centre)

icon  Flower troughs, plantboxes and pots
icon  Ponds
icon  Air-conditioner trays
icon  Any other water-bearin Fogging

Fogging is done when there is a mosquito nuisance problem or a disease outbreak.

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